Dekton …The next big thing !

Dekton by Cosentino could just be the next big thing in surface materials. Its large format slabs measuring 56″ x 126″ and availability in several thicknesses makes it so versatile it can be use in any room in the house….and even outside the house as it is rated for outdoor use as well.RS10909_AURA Book Match tablas reales.jpg

As of right now if comes in several solid colour options, but the most impressive slabs I’ve seen are part of their Natural Collection. It mimics natural marble so beautifully you have to be very close to see that it isn’t. Because of the manufacturing process called PST (Particle Sintering Technology), which mimics the metamorphic changes natural stone goes through thousands of years, it is heat stained and scratch resistant which makes it the perfect countertop material.


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