The Hub of the home.

It is not a new concept that the kitchen is the hub of the home.  Samsung has designed a new fridge to really bring that concept to life.  Introducing the new Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.


Some of its amazing features include:

Food Management – You can check what’s in your refrigerator at any time or anywhere just using your phone. Innerview cameras clearly show the shelves inside, so you can quickly take a look when you are out shopping.

Family Communication – Ensuring your household is always connected helps enhance the family bond. With Sticki, you can update diaries and check each other’s schedules and location on a map, or leave each other messages in real time, so you’re always on the same page.

Kitchen Entertainment – Enhance your cooking pleasure and entertain guests with a range of Entertainment Apps and a high quality 4W speaker. You don’t need any other devices to play music, watch videos, stream non-stop radio and watch TV.

Smart Home- Using Smart Things sensors and SmartPower Outlets the refrigerator is a hub to manage all of the connected devices. So you can centrally monitor, control and secure your house from end to end from one spot.

See this fridge for yourself at one of our locations in December.




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