Day 10 of 12 days of gifts ideas!

It’s our 12 days of Christmas at Trail Appliances!  We’ve got great gift ideas for your loved ones, big and small.

Get everyone in the house the gift of pure, clear water from the tap with the Kinetico K5 drinking water system.  Bottled water was once a popular alternative, but it’s expensive and creates waste that’s hard on the environment. Fortunately, with Kinetico, you can provide your family with fresh, clean, great-tasting water without worry, concern or waste.

Not only will you have fresh drinking water, but you can use the K5 water to clean vegetables, use in your cooking like soups and pastas, make crystal clear ice cubes, and even give to your pets!

And best of all….one set of K5 filters keeps 3790 plastic bottles out of the landfill! A gift for you and the environment.



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