Samsung’s new FlexWash – 2 washes in one!

We have all been in that situation where we need a piece of clothing washed and dried quickly, and even though front-load washers use the amount of water needed for the size of the load, wouldn’t it be great to just have a little mini wash option?  Well Samsung has addressed this and come up with an awesome solution.


Two washers in one lets you wash separate loads at the same time, or independently.  So if you just use the 1.1 cu.ft. upper washer for that one piece you need straight away, you can have it ready quickly.  You can even run a dark wash and a light wash at the same time with no fear of colours running while keeping various types of clothes clean and in great condition. The 6.9 cu.ft. lower washer boasts 12 wash cycles including Delicate and Sanitize whilst the upper washer provides you with an additional 5 wash cycles as well as 7 additional options such as Extra Rinse and Self Clean.

Again, with the dryer – you want to allow some of your clothes to air dry and tumble-dry the rest, but it seems a waste to just put a few items in the big 6.9 cu.ft. drum.  The upper dryer lets you do just that!


If that is not “techy” enough for you, pull out your smartphone and remotely monitor the remaining cycle times as well as receive alerts when it’s completed.  You can even schedule cycles from work or while you shop, so the cycle can start whenever works best for you!

It also has a ton of additional features to compliment its sleek design, including PowerFoam technology for better cleaning and VRT Plus technology.  To learn more about their awesome washing and drying features, check it out on our website here!


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