Double Ovens? There are more benefits than you’d realize!

When you are out shopping for a new range, you are usually thinking about functionality, design and space.

ThisYKFID500ESS-01.jpg KitchenAid double oven convection range has a smaller top oven.   It heats up quicker as there is less space to heat AND saves energy.  It’s great for preparing meals or when you’re entertaining and want to cook up a quick snack for your guests.
However, there is also a bottom convection oven for your Sunday roast with all the trimmings.  There is ample space, so you can create a meal to wow your family or guests.

Does your family have different dietary needs?  If you are having to cook two separate meals, having a double oven lets you set each one at a different heat setting. It’s flexibility even allows you to cook your dinner and your dessert at the same time.  This saves you having to get the dessert ready earlier in the day!


Double Wall Oven:Miele double oven

Another option with the double ovens is to go with a built-in version such as this Miele model.  It has two full sized ovens with the benefit of being at a convenient height.  If you have mobility restrictions or want to avoid bending down to the lower oven, this allows you to access both ovens with ease AND looks pretty stylish at the same time!


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