Bosch Appliances

These German-engineered appliances come with a long history of innovations, technical perfection, reliability and uncompromising quality. Bosch refrigerators were first introduced in Germany in 1933. Throughout the years, they were joined by other products, such as a clothes washer, dishwasher, small appliances and an oven.B21CL81SNS-01.jpg

While new products were in the works, existing products were/are being re-styled and re-engineered with better features. In the 1990s, the refrigerator became CFC-free and FC-free, thus more environmentally friendly.

And this year, Bosch launched its collection of smart home appliances under Home Connect. What does this mean? Well, not only are these appliances functionally and energy efficient, they are also connected to downloadable apps that allow you to control and monitor them at your convenience. For example, the wall oven can be programmed in Away Mode so you can be alerted to turn it off.  Less worry about burning your favourite casserole or roasted chicken.

Right now Bosch appliances will be available for your experience at sale prices. And an added perk of instant rebates of up to $3300 will apply to selected products.




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