Why Shop Local?

As much as it’s fun to shop across the border, shopping locally has many perks. Not only will you be avoiding the exchange rate but you are also helping the Canadian dollar by keeping it circulating within the economy.

If you’re one of those rock stars who encourage building a strong community, shopping locally is for you! By shopping locally, you’d be supporting small and medium-sized businesses that need you to stay in business. You would also be contributing to the sense of family in your town or city.

Supporting local businesses also provides more of an incentive for entrepreneurs to invest locally; which, again, is very good for the economy. Having more local businesses automatically comes with more competition and, in turn, creates a demand for and encourages innovation. More innovation means you get unique products. Ultimately, as a consumer, you would be getting the best of their products and services, so power to you.

At Trail Appliances, we are proud to be a local family-run business for 43 years. Local companies realize the importance of building a strong community; thus, they take the time to say thank you and return that support by giving back to the community in any way possible. That’s why, at Trail Appliance, we know our community is the foundation of our business. Without the community, we wouldn’t be the company we are today. Thank you!



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