Dacor’s Smart Designs

Dacor Push-To-Open door

Ever tried to pull so hard on a fridge door, dug your heels into the ground, and flew back after pulling with all your might? Not only is it frustrating, it could also be unsafe.

You never have to experience this again with Dacor’s Push-to-Open door. With a slight tap, the fridge door gently opens itself. In addition to Dacor’s smart, revolutionary designs and features, Push-to-Open doors make it even more convenient to choose between fridges with or without handles, which gives you great room for aesthetic customization.


Dacor’s LCD Touch Control Panel

Dacor’s touch panel not only makes it easier to control your appliances, it also adds a futuristic flair and elegance. The touch panel makes it easy to swipe through cooking functions, access pre-programmed settings and follow step-by-step recipes right when you need them. Dacor’s control panel is Wi-Fi-enabled, which allows you to connect it to your smartphone and control temperatures, timers and lighting remotely.


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