Why we love Infrared Grilling

pro825-infrared-bottom-burners-detail-napoleon-napoleon-grills.jpgInfrared grilling is one of the most popular of the outdoor cooking trends and that’s because of the superior experience it offers.

One of the best perks of infrared grills is the generation of heat much faster at higher temperatures than conventional grills. Most infrared grills grant you quick pre-heating times where you can have a perfectly pre-heated grill in about 3-5 minutes.

red wine steak 5_napoleon_grillsInfrared also allows you to precisely control the temperature. As a result of the high temperatures an infrared burner can reach, the result is steakhouse-quality searing where the meat’s juices are locked in, giving you the most mouth-watering taste.

Unlike conventional grills, infrared grills don’t produce unpredictable flare-ups. Instead, they produce even distribution of heat, cooking your meat perfectly all over with their direct and concentrated heat.

pro500-pro665-infrared-side-burner-top-view-steak.jpgGrills with infrared burners not only save you time, they can also save you money as they burn less gas to reach the same temperatures when compared to conventional grills.

Here at Trail Appliances, we have a wide selection of grills. If you need help choosing the perfect grill, visit our website here or drop by for a chat with one of our experts.

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