Dacor’s Modernist Collection

It is no secret that Dacor makes elegant appliances; in fact, its appliances are innovative and revolutionary.

Dacor is excellent at incorporating technology that better serves your cooking, cooling and cleaning needs; especially with the Modernist Collection.

Dacor excels when it comes to creating appliances that aren’t only innovative in features, but also slick in design, making them extra fun to use. The black stainless graphite finish elevates any kitchen’s look.

Modernist Rangesdacor-products-collections-ranges-DOP48-heroModernist ranges for example have metal knobs that illuminate when in use. Their control panel pivots out for easier use and lets you navigate through cooking functions, accessing pre-programmed settings and following step-by-step recipes right then and there for a premium cooking experience and yummy meals. The panel is also Wi-Fi-enabled so you could connect to it from your smartphone, remotely control temperatures, timers and lighting. Dacor’s Modernist ranges also make the most of steam cooking for your meats to be juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside and for your bread to be fluffy and moist. With Modernist ranges, gone are the days you try so hard to look through the oven door as you’d enjoy the perks of LED lights that fill the oven with illumination.

Modernist FridgesDacor-Products-Collections-Refrigeration-French-Door-HeroPrecisecooling decreases temperature fluctuation for fresher food that lives longer. Dacor’s fridges also have Push-to-Open doors that don’t challenge you. With stainless steel interior that is illuminated by 3DLighting, the Modernist fridges are brilliantly designed for optimal cooling. Features like an internal water dispenser, a Freshzone drawer and IQ remote view cameras are just a few of the stunning elements that elevate your kitchen experience.

Modernist DishwashersDacor-Products-Collections-Modernist-Dishwasher-Hero.jpgWith the great cooking and cooling experiences Dacor offers, you’re surely going to need a dishwasher to take in all the fallen soldiers after a big yummy dinner. Dacor’s Modernist dishwashers are especially designed with your comfort in mind, that’s why quiet operation is one of Dacor’s dishwashers’ best qualities. The Autorelease™ feature automatically lets out the extra steam at the end of the cycle. For some heavy duty cleaning, Zone Booster helps target specified areas for your cleaning needs. Modernist dishwashers’ designs and features make them so easy to trust and rely on.

The appliances in Dacor’s Modernist Collection aren’t just appliances, they are experiences. Check out our full collection of Dacor appliances here.

Which one of those features would like to have the most in your appliances?


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