Samsung Family Hub Fridge

Meet_Overview_03_FavoritesFresh-DSKTP_06617.jpgEver been at the grocery store racking your brain trying to remember if you still have milk in the fridge? We’ve all been there. Ending up with two gallons of milk, or no milk at all, is absolutely unfortunate. This is just one of the struggles in the kitchen as we know it. There’s no need to get used to that; Samsung has now created a fridge with 3 built-in cameras inside. This way, you’ll be able to see what’s in the fridge from your smartphone so you always know what you need while shopping.FamilHub_CnnectedHub_SeeInside_Desktp-063017.jpg

Not only will you be able to see what’s inside your fridge, the Samsung fridge will also suggest optimized recipes and meal plans based on what’s inside and what best suits your family.

Because Samsung is a leader when it comes to innovation, it comes as no surprise that the Family Hub Fridge offers endless entertainment in the kitchen. You’re able to play any song or choose from thousands of radio stations, news programs, podcasts and comedy shows. With the 21.5 inch touchscreen on the exterior of the fridge, you’re also able to mirror your Samsung Smart TV so you don’t miss a second from your show as you cook.

Much like most smartphones, Samsung’s fridge comes with a voice assistant, Bixby, who’s here to help with personalized content.

TheRefridgerator_CoolingTechnology_Combined-DSKTP_061617-2497409540-1534261498872.jpgSamsung didn’t only innovate on the entertainment front; the Family Hub fridge also incorporates innovations on the cooling front. With FlexZone™, you get a controlled drawer that provides an extremely flexible storage space. This is ideal for wine, cheese, cold drinks and chilled food or meats.

Last but not least, Samsung’s Family Hub fridge comes in 4 designs for you to choose what perfectly suits your kitchen. Now you can build your dream kitchen around this Samsung masterpiece.

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