Early Holiday Shopping Ideas: Wine Coolers

Fa la la la la, ‘tis the season for merry making and imbibing. If you are one that likes to have a selection of wines on hand, be sure to store them properly to maintain their taste. Wines are delicate and are TLC reliant. Temperature fluctuations, vibration, humidity and UV light affect their bouquet. You can find information and sage advice on how to keep your wines perfect for uncorking here.


Of course, you can always build your own wine cellar but if you don’t have the time, investing in a wine cooler would be your next option; and if you have the old wine cellar, it never hurts to upgrade! Convenience is an added perk from these coolers as they can be installed anywhere in your abode, nicely complementing any décor. They come in various styles, materials and capacities, accommodating up to 150 bottles. Most of all, they are calibrated to the perfect temperatures for your reds and whites. Although each requires different temperatures, red and white wines can now be roomies in the same cooler with dual temperature feature. Have a look at the selection of styles, including Sub-Zero’s 24 inch model (above photo) available at Trail Appliances here or visit our store nearest you.

Wine cooler 2.jpg

If you would rather open that special bottle and enjoy it sooner than later, a wine dispenser, such as Dacor’s DYWS4 Discovery WineStation (above photo), is the perfect option.  Using inert argon gas, it dispenses your desired amount of wine. Leftovers? No worries, this dispenser maintains the integrity of leftover wines for up to 60 days.

So cheers and bottoms up! … responsibly though.

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