Alberta Energy Efficiency Rebates

EEA_Logo_Primary_PNG_ColourIn this day and age, we’re lucky to have the chance to make a positive impact on the environment and not have to compromise financially. Currently in Alberta, there are some opportunities for government rebates when you purchase qualifying appliances through Energy Efficiency Alberta

Tankless Water Heaters

Testing water temp.jpgNot only do tankless water heaters take up less space, they also provide your family an endless supply of hot water. They are energy-saving because they don’t produce standby energy that’s lost on heating stored water. Many tankless water heaters can last more than 20 years with proper maintenance, providing   ongoing savings year after year. A traditional storage water heater, on the other hand, lasts  7-10 years on average.

Energy Efficiency Alberta rebates can reach up to $1000 when a qualifying new ENERGY STAR® tankless hot water heater is installed.

For more details about rebates, check out their website.

If you’re considering having a tankless water heater, see Nortiz’s Tankless Water Heater here.



Advances in insulation and compressor technology have resulted in Refrigerators that are substantially more efficient than older models. High efficiency refrigerators often have efficient designs that improve airflow inside the fridge with even distribution, requiring less energy to cool down. ENERGY STAR® refrigerators go through thorough testing to make sure they meet very specific energy performance. An ENERGY STAR® fridge saves up to 10% more energy than non-energy star fridges. An energy efficient fridge could save you approximately $73 per year on your energy bill when replacing an older, less efficient model.  Upgrading to an energy star Refrigerator could qualify you for a rebate of up to $75. Read more about these rebates on refrigerators and to see what models qualify click here.

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Clothes Washers

DLEX3700V-WM3700HVA-Front90% of the energy used up by washers is for water heating in warm and hot cycles. Make sure to switch to cold cycles whenever possible. ENERGY STAR® models have been designed to use less heat and less water, making them about 25% more efficient than other washers. Some new models also have no central agitator, and are designed to use up less water and energy. They also extend the life of your fabrics. Some models also have high-speed spin cycles to extract more water from the load resulting in faster drying times, creating further efficiencies.

To save even more on energy, avoid partial loads of laundry because they use as much electricity as full loads. Having an energy efficient washer could cut your energy consumption by 25% and water consumption by 33%saving you $40 per year on your energy bill and over 2,000 gallons of water per year. Qualifying energy efficient washers are eligible for up to $75 in rebates.

Check out Energy Efficiency Alberta for more information on clothes washer rebates.

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