Steam Cooking

bivalve-clam-crustacean-921374Attention junior and beginner chefs. This Intro to Steam Oven Cooking is a great guide to the basics.

What is Steam Cooking?

Steam cooking – as the name implies – uses steam to cook your food. Some steam ovens include True convection cooking, Steam cooking and Combination Modes. They come with either a built in water tank or can be connected to a water supply for additional convenience. In plumbed models, water intake and drainage is completely automatic, filling the water container and emptying the condensate container is no longer required.

Why should I consider steam cooking?

Steam cooking is one of the healthiest cooking methods. It does not require oil or salt. Steamed food retains its vitamins and minerals as opposed to boiled, in which the food’s nutrients leach into the water. Steam also keeps the vibrant colours of food, making them more appetizing.

As in freshly cooked foods, reheating your leftovers in steam retains their texture and freshness.

Working late? or having a large get-together? No worries! Steam cooking takes less time. For example, you can carve a 14 lb turkey in approximately 90 minutes.

What types of food can I steam cook?

Anything and everything, basically. From vegetables, to meat, fish, rice, pasta, desserts, puddings, soufflés and all you crave.

What else do I need to know?

Steam cooking has come a long ways. Some brands come with a combination steam oven that steam and cook simultaneously. Others have steam, bake and convection features. Newer models are becoming microwave replacements. Not only are they easy to use, they are also easy to clean – basically steam-clean themselves.

Learn how to use a steam oven in one of Trail Appliances’ cooking classes with our Culinary Coordinator, Sara Brodsky. You will make a meal and eat it too!

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