Cooking over fire, no doubt, goes back to its first discovery. Imagine the intense hunger in our forebearers sitting around the crackling, dancing flames, salivating from the wafting aroma of that sizzling mammoth steak.

In 1987, Traeger created the wood-fired grill to capture the essence of wood-fire cooking, sans dancing flames from a bonfire. A more refined way of cooking with wood (pellet form), Traeger’s design allows the wood pellets to infuse their flavour into the food, enhancing taste and aroma.

How, You Ask?
The hardwood pellets travel down to the auger at the bottom, where they are directed to  the fire pot. Once they contact the hot rod, the grill is ignited. You can set the  temperature to the setting of your choice and watch your grill do its magic. It will cook your food “convection-style” where the variable speed fan stokes the fire as food is swaddled in a smoky bouquet.                                                                                                                  How-It-Works.png

Is It Easy to Use?
You bet. Traeger comes equipped with digitally controlled settings. Simply load it up, set the temperature, fire it up, then leave it be until it alerts you when its job is done.

Will It Burn Food If Left Alone?
Absolutely not. Traeger manages the temperature for you. There is no need to worry about tending the fire because once you program the setting for your recipe, it knows when your food is cooked. You get consistent results each time. You can multi-task without worry!

What Else Does It Do?
This outdoor appliance is versatile. It can do almost everything your oven does, such as bake, roast and braise. And of course, it grills, barbecues and smokes. You can cook your whole meal with this beauty. Succulent roast, fall-off the bone chicken and ribs, veggies, pizza, even desserts!

Where Can We Get The Wood Pellets?
You can find Traeger’s brand of premium wood pellets made from 100% natural, food-grade hardwood at Trail Appliances locations that carry the grills. The wood chips are made in the USA and come in various flavour combinations. To ensure that they are pure and clean, Traeger is involved in the process of creating them, from sawmill to final product.

We might sound overly excited about Trager. That’s because it is such a great addition to the culinary world. When you see this functionally stylish outdoor appliance up close, you’re sure to get just as excited. Drop by Trail Appliances Calgary South, Edmonton South and Saskatoon locations for a closer look. Keep on Grilling!

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