How To Stay Entertained While Cooking

Whether you’re getting ready for a big party or just cooking for the week, spending a lot of time in the kitchen could get boring even if you like to cook. We have a few ideas to keep you entertained and productive in the kitchen!

There are of course the old scrappy ways, taking your laptop with you or propping your phone up on the island and watching your favourite show. If you do that, make sure they’re put in a safe place and aren’t in the way of splashes. And make sure you don’t touch them with icky hands! A good way around this is to spoil yourself with a tablet holder (pssst….we’re giving one away – more details to come).

Alternatively, use your voice! We don’t mean to sing – although you could do that – but when your hands are full, tell Siri to play your favourite music or podcast. If you want more than music, consider a smart speaker (like Google Home, Amazon’s Echo Dot, or Apple’s HomePod). Smart speakers are not just for entertainment, they can keep a grocery list for you, they play radio stations and podcasts, convert units, set timers, make phone calls, and you can even ask them for step-by-step recipes. If you’re a tech savvy, you could set up the home speakers and connect them to other appliances – like some coffee makers – and ask them to help you with making coffee or pre-heating the oven.

Aug 14 Samsung Hub

Some appliances have their own features that are meant to keep you entertained. For example, the Samsung Family Hub Fridge; with which you’re able to play any song or choose from thousands of radio stations, news programs, podcasts and comedy shows. With its 21.5-inch touchscreen on the exterior of the fridge, you’re also able to mirror your Samsung Smart TV so you don’t miss a second from your show as you cook.

And then there’s the classic way of keeping yourself entertained: Try a recipe you’ve never made before! That’s a sure way to keep yourself focused and engaged.Tell us in the Aug 14 Tablet Holdercomments below how you keep yourself entertained while in the kitchen and you could win a tablet holder!


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