Ready for a New Barbecue? Here Are Some Things to Think About

There is nothing like barbecue season to bring family and friends together and celebrate the glories of warm weather. The smell and taste of grilling edibles enticing palates, making that cold beer or libation of choice more enjoyable to swallow.

Before you rush out to buy a barbecue, consider the following to assist you in finding the perfect type of grilling gear for the barbecue season lifestyle and gatherings you have in mind.

Barbecuing or grilling?

Although both terms are used, they are done differently. Barbecuing involves closing the lid and allowing the meat, vegetables, etc. to be cooked slowly with surrounding heat.  Grilling is done with the lid up and the heat directly on the bottom. Not all units are capable of both.

Think of the type of fuel you want to cook in. Barbecues now come in natural gas, propane gas, charcoal and electric.

Natural Gas: easy connection with less worry about running out of fuel.  For optimum barbecue performance, it is important to have enough pressure and the correct size of line.

Propane Gas: more portable barbecue but requires refilling of tanks.

Charcoal: gives more traditional smoky flavour but a more costly fuel. It also requires longer pre-heat time and more clean-up before the next grill.

Electric: very convenient and portable, perfect for small spaces.

Size of barbecue.

The size of barbecue you choose depends on your cooking needs, space availability and for frequent party hosts, the number of guests you plan on having. The general rule is 100 square inches per person. For large parties, consider a barbecue from 900 to 1200

Look at all the features.

Such as side burners, rotisseries and the different ignition types.

Test the barbecue’s handle.

Make sure that your knuckles and fingers do not touch the lid to avoid burning yourself at barbecuing time.

Check the storage areas.

Make sure the lid and shelves can accommodate your barbecuing implements.

If you’re still unsure of the barbecue you should purchase, come in and see for yourself! We have a large selection of barbecues for every budget.

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