Is Your Furnace Ready for Winter?

It seems winter is eager to arrive this year, snow tomorrow in Calgary, according to weather forecast. With a well-maintained furnace, we can bravely say, “bring it on, winter!” LOL! Before winter gets here in full swing, you can get your furnace ready to face it with these tips:

  • Change the filter. It’s generally recommended to change filters every three months. There are heavy duty filters that can be changed once a year.
  • Remove items stored around the furnace, especially flammables.
  • Consider getting a programmable thermostat as it’s a big money saver and maximizes comfort control.
  • Make sure all heat registers and return air grills are not blocked to avoid damage and heating issues.
  • Turn furnace on once a month during summer months to make sure everything’s operational.
  • Make sure there’s nothing obstructing the exhaust flue outdoors.
  • If you also have an air conditioner, cover the AC condenser with a fitted cover.
  • All manufacturers recommend annual preventative maintenance by a licensed professional.

Trail Appliances offers maintenance packages. Visit our site for more details.

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