Refreshing Kinetico Water From Your Tap

Water, a part of our daily life that is, in most part, taken for granted, especially in this side of the bog where we have an abundance of it – just turn on the tap and out it comes. We probably don’t consider that it goes through rigorous purification processes before it reaches our homes to be used for washing, cooking and drinking.

Municipal purification systems aim to make water as clean and pure as possible. Debris, clay, silt, algea, parasites, bacteria, fungi, chemicals and other matters are removed. Water’s PH value is also set to neutral. To achieve this, chemicals are ironically used. Ground water, obtained through wells, is usually clearer as it goes through nature’s filtration system. But at times it still needs some chemical intervention to neutralize harmful micro-organisms and ions to make it safe for consumption.

Over the years, we’ve noticed a change in the taste of tap water so we’ve turned to drinking bottled water. An improvement to taste but comes with other disadvantages, such as leakage of plastic components into the water, as well as negative environmental impact. The best solution is to have a water purification system, such as Kinetico, which goes even further in eliminating residual contaminants.


You can have a whole home system for your household water, most importantly, your drinking water, which can be looked after by the K5 Drinking Water System. Through Reverse Osmosis, it removes lead at an average of 96.8%, making it the most efficient contaminant removal solution in the market.

Other unique feathers of the K5 which make it an advantage to have are:

  • QuickFlo® technology, which allows it to produce and deliver a strong steady stream of water – up to 40 gallons daily.
  • FlexFiltration, a customizable multi-stage filtration to tackle water challenges specific to your situation
  • EverClean® Rinse, to allow the unit to clean itself, extending its effectiveness.

Drop by any Trail Appliances to have a closer look at Kinetico’s line of Home Water System. You and your family deserve clean, pure, refreshing water.

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