Samsung SmartThings

Like with devices, appliances today continue to evolve. Thanks to apps, including Samsung’s SmartThings, which make it easier to manage your appliances while you’re at home, at work or out-and-about.

SmartThings is compatible with many Wi-Fi connectible appliances and devices around your house. Just be sure to buy products that have the ‘Works with SmartThings’ logo on them or on their package and convenience would be in the palm of your hands!

At Trail Appliances, we carry a line of Samsung SmartThings compatible appliances, such as the Family Hub Fridge. The app allows you to see the contents of your fridge so you can shop efficiently and without waste. With the app, you can also monitor the fridge temperature, set power freeze/cool and get notified when the fridge door isn’t properly closed.

25 Oct RangeWifi

25 Oct SS WifiWalloven

Cook while doing other chores with confidence. With SmartThings, you can monitor the cooking stage of your dish and turn off your stove/oven when cooking is complete.

29 Oct SS3

Even laundry is a cinch with SmartThings. You can remotely start your washer, monitor energy usage and get reminders when laundry is done.

SmartThings isn’t all about appliances though. As mentioned earlier, many devices – from electrical outlets to TVs, home comfort units and appliances – can be connected to SmartThings to make your abode easy to manage and comfortable. The app is available for Android and iOS operating systems. In today’s hectic world, it’s fabulous to add a little smartness to your things!

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