Goodbye Dry Indoor Air!

It’s no secret that dry, heated indoor air can cause discomfort, such as dry skin, dry and itchy eyes to irritated nasal passages. More aggravated symptoms can include a bloody nose and itchy throat. Dry air could also increase static electricity, which you can feel in your clothes, hair and some furniture. Bottom line, no one likes dry air!

Such issues can become almost non-existent with the right humidifier. Humidifiers increase the humidity in your home, eliminating dry air issues. As a rule of thumb, humidity between 30% and 50% is considered a comfortable level. Above 50% can increase the potential for bacterial growth. Below 30% is uncomfortably dry and requires the aid of a humidifier for a decent atmosphere in your home.

Below is a description of Aprilaire whole-home humidifiers to help you decide the option for you.


27Jan Aprilaire Steam

The Aprilaire 800 Whole House Steam Humidifier uses electrode technology to heat the water to create steam. With its Dual Sensor 24/7 mode, it continually monitors and adjusts to outdoor temperature and indoor humidity to give your home optimum humidity. It runs on either purified or regular water without residue for you to clean up.

This model covers up to 6,200 square feet.


27 Jan Aprilaire Drainless

This Aprilaire 400 uses evaporative technology to humidify without the need for a floor drain. Evaporative technology works by piping water into the distribution tray at the top of the humidifier. The water is distributed across the tray, then flows by gravity to the water panel evaporator, which turns the water to vapor after which humidified air is circulated throughout your home.

The model 400 covers up to 4,000 square feet.

Fan Powered

27 Jan Aprilaire Regular

This Aprilaire 700 Humidifier operates by sending water up to the distribution tray at the top of the humidifier. The water is distributed uniformly throughout the tray then flows over the water panel evaporator. Its built-in fan pulls heated air from the furnace and sends it through the water panel evaporator, turning the water to vapor which circulates throughout your home.

It covers up to 4,200 square feet.

If your house is not equipped with one, why not invest in a centralized unit? Not only are humidifiers beneficial health-wise, they also help in protecting your homes and furnishings from the harmful effects of dry air. For example, wooden floors, cabinets, etc. would less likely crack under properly humidified conditions.

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