Kinetico, Healthy and Eco-Conscious

Water, in most part, is taken for granted especially where there’s an abundance of it. It’s easy to forget that water from the tap goes through rigorous purification processes before it reaches our homes to do as we please with it – drink, shower, wash, cook and so on.

Municipal purification aims to make water as clean and pure as possible. Debris, clay, silt, algea, parasites, bacteria, fungi, chemicals and other matters are removed. Water’s PH value is also set to neutral. To achieve this, chemicals are ironically used. Ground water, obtained through wells, is usually clearer as it goes through nature’s filtration system.  There most likely still be the need to neutralize harmful micro-organisms and ions with chemicals.

In recent years, we’ve become more conscious of the unnatural taste of water thus the popularity of water dispensers at offices and other businesses, as well as the personal-sized bottled water – certainly nice and convenient but brutal to our eco-systems and to our wallets. What to do?

Thank goodness to the genius of Kinetico’s water purification systems, which go even Kinetico_DrinkingWaterSystems_5_K5CH_img_1farther – eliminating residue contaminants. You can have a whole home system for your household water and most importantly, your drinking water. Let’s take a closer look at the K5 Drinking Water System. It is equipped with eight options to ensure the best potable water.  Its Purefecta® Virus/BacteriaGuard gets rid of microbiological contaminants. The Mineral Plus+ cartridge adds back magnesium and calcium, improving water’s  taste and health benefits. To be absolutely sure of untainted water is the job of the carbon post filter. And the best part? No more plastic water bottles from you! With one set of filters, the environment has less non-compostable plastic bottles – approximately 3780. Simply fill up your reuseable water bottle with clean, pure water!

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